Coins, Cards & Matches

Coins, Cards & Matches

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A set of coins and two specially gimmicked matchboxes that makes a series of incredible close-up effects possible!

Penetrations, vanishes, exchanges & productions all are possible with the apparatus we supply. We explain two feature effects – but you will soon be inventing many more!

Penetrating coins: Show three shiny two pence pieces together with two matchboxes and two playing cards, plus a borrowed tumbler or wineglass.

In a bewildering sequence the three coins one-by-one penetrate through both a matchbox and a playing card – dropping into the tumbler below! Looks like pure sleight of hand yet is very easy to do with the apparatus we supply.

Bermuda Triangle: Make a small triangle on the table using three matches and place a penny coin inside it. The coin represents a ship inside the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Cover the ship with a playing card – representing “fog at sea” and then place a matchbox on top representing “night time falling”.

The following morning spectators remove the fog (card) themselves – the ship has vanished without a trace leaving just the triangle intact. An intriguing mystery! Dead easy to do!

Comes complete with coins, cards, specially gimmicked matchboxes & instructions.

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