Magic Prediction Pens

Magic Prediction Pens

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The writing of the white pen is invisible until rubbed over by the black pen after which it appears as if by magic! These pens were popular several years ago but have been unobtainable for some time –fortunately we have been able to locate some for our valued customers.

Truly strong effects are possible; we explain several:
·Predict the outcome of sporting and other public events in advance.
·Have four cards selected from a shuffled pack, then one of these is freely chosen by waving your pen which you claim is acting as your temporary magic wand the name of the selected card magically appears written on your arm.
·Cause spirit messages to appear on blank paper or card or in even other strange places!
·Impress a lady by making her name appear as if by magic!

The effects possible are only limited by your own imagination. The special set of two ordinary-looking pens is supplied, together with full instructions, sold at a fantastic low Mr. E price.

Only £5.00

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