Mouse Animation

Mouse Animation

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Tom Harris billed himself as the Magical Schoolmaster complete with mortarboard cap and gown; his antics were a riot of fun in close-up, cabaret or stage.

One of his favourite ice breakers was his apparent live white mouse that he took from his pocket – then the fun and the screams of laughter really started as the mouse appeared to escape running up his sleeve onto his shoulder etc with poor Tom trying to restrain it!

Ian Adair explains all in his booklet Mouse Animation – the Tom Harris Way and Sam Delal has produced a lovely believable looking white mouse to Ian’s specifications, so that you too can have loads of fun wherever you perform.

Ian also explains the wonderfully commercial stunt of turning a white pocket-handkerchief into a realistic looking mouse and animating this in a similar manner – at the climax you reveal that it is your pocket-handkerchief with which you can wipe your brow.

If you work for children or adults you really should have one of these in your pocket – you will have your audience screaming with laughter in no time at all.

The package we supply comes complete with Ian Adair’s booklet of instructions together with Sam Delal’s lovable white mouse, ready for you to work at your very next show and all for a bargain price.

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