Bang! - Mr E

Bang! - Mr E

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This is a really fun trick based on a ‘Russian Roulette’ theme that you will enjoy performing and do so regularly!

In this attention-grabbing effect you show five A6 size jumbo cards – four of which depict Dangerous Guns, each of these has smoke exploding out of its barrel with the word BANG! in bold red letters & the fifth gun is perfectly safe and has not been fired.

An audience member mixes the cards face down and they are cut, four spectators each now select a gun while you are left with the fifth and final one.

The four spectators ALWAYS RECEIVE THE Bang guns and BANG! they are shot dead while you ALWAYS receive the safe gun!

Alternatively when performing for one person he receives the one card with the Bang gun on it while you receive the other four cards each with a SAFE gun on it (we provide extra cards to allow for this).

No skill is required. This will quickly become another of your favourite routines!

While Bang! will always be well received by adults – we wouldn't recommend this to be performed for young children.

Comes complete with jumbo sized cards, routine & instructions.

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