Cutting thru a Lady

Cutting thru a Lady

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An original take on Rope Through Body presentations and one that you should own regardless of what other rope penetration effects that you perform. It’s a great low-cost fun item that you will always want to feature!

You take a length of rope and demonstrate that it is strong with no magnets, wires, threads or similar, you can even toss it out for examination after which you pass it behind your back explaining that you are about to cut yourself in halves, taking one end of the rope in each hand you count, “One, two - I have another little trick over here you will perhaps like a little better!”

So saying, you appear to chicken out of performing such a dangerous feat!

This now happens as a running gag several more times during your performance, until the audience are convinced you can’t do it, several of them especially any children present letting you know.

At the finish you tell the audience that this is your last trick and if they applaud loud enough you really will perform the trick of ‘Cutting Yourself in Half.’ You perform your big finish and the audience goes wild shouting that they want the rope trick.

Encouraged by their enthusiasm you position the rope behind your back holding one end in each hand counting “One, two and THREE!” Instantly in full view the rope is seen to penetrate your body now being stretched out in front of you and bringing your audience to their feet with spontaneous applause!

Can be performed close-up or for small groups.

Comes with quality rope and illustrated instructions.

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