Needle Through Balloon

Needle Through Balloon

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Widely used by top magical entertainers and acclaimed one of the best penetration acts ever!

Just imagine this sensational effect, you inflate an ordinary round balloon and then immediately push a long, thin, plated needle right through it so that it comes out on the other side.

Your audience actually sees the needle passing through the semi-transparent balloon. You continue to pull on the needle and now a length of cord, ribbon or woollen strand is seen threaded clean through the balloon as well. This can be drawn right through and out the other side.

You then simply prick the balloon with the point of the needle to burst it at the finish of a truly amazing effect!
A feature effect that is always ready to perform, close-up, cabaret or stage!

You will easily obtain replacement balloons locally as they are ordinary (but we can supply them to you at small cost) and completely unfaked. No sticky tape, wax or any other preparation to the balloon is used.

Comes with the long needle, a length of cord, sample balloons and instructions.

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