Lucky Loops (de luxe)

Lucky Loops (de luxe)

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One of the most baffling rope effects ever and yet it is one of the easiest for you to do! No skill required.

A long length of rope is freely shown and held in coils around your hands. Suddenly the long rope magically changes into several smaller rope rings, which can even be tossed across the stage separately and caught by your lovely assistant or a member of the audience!

The sudden change into loops of rope must be seen for you to appreciate just how very effective it is.

Alternatively, the long rope can be tied into loops – which when pulled apart from each other, magically become separate circles of rope without any knots in them – it truly looks magical.

With this De Luxe specially improved model we supply you can now take the rope rings and magically link them together for a surprising and applause-pulling climax(note: this feature is not possible with the original standard ropes.

Comes with the special set of ropes in two styles & Eddie’s wonderful patter routine concerning the Indian Rope Trick all ready for you to perform. This superb effect is entirely self-contained and very easy to do!

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