Cat & Budgie - Mr E

Cat & Budgie - Mr E

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An amazing transportation effect in which pictures of a cat and a budgerigar mysteriously change places when the children say a magic word! Really easy to do and packs flat in the bottom of your case.

Two jumbo size cards, one a colourful picture of a ginger cat and the other an attractive picture of a green budgerigar are shown, together with two large flap-less C5-size envelopes.

One envelope is clearly marked ‘CAT’ and the other clearly marked ‘BUDGIE’. These can be passed for examination if you so wish.

The story is told of the attempts by the clever cat to catch the budgie, during which the budgie is slid inside the Cat envelope and the cat is slid inside the Budgie envelope.

All is put right in the end however as a miraculous transposition takes place when the children say a magic word – the cat and budgie are now discovered inside their correct respective envelopes.

Only two cards are used and the envelopes are completely unfaked. It is wonderful easy-to-do magic that is suitable for children of all ages – although the adults present will be completely baffled by the remarkable magical transposition as well!

Comes complete with laminated cards, colourful printed envelopes and an amusing patter story.

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