Climax Card Prediction - Mr E

Climax Card Prediction - Mr E

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You place a jumbo sized playing card face down as your prediction and you never touch it again.

Two small packets of playing cards are also placed faces down or counted from the top of two decks; one packet has red backs and the other has blue backs.

A spectator takes say the blue packet, the red packet is left upon the table and you never touch it again.

The spectator’s blue backed cards prove to be Ace to Nine all of the same suit, he thoroughly shuffles them face down and then selects one or two to form a number, there is no force of these two cards.

Taking the red face-down packet the spectator counts down to their chosen number and then turns the card face upwards.

When the chosen card is compared with your face down Jumbo Prediction Card the two cards match exactly; but there is more to come.

Anyone turns the rest of packet of red backed cards faces upwards and they are all BLANK cards making a stunning climax to your card prediction!

•The chosen card and the jumbo prediction card can be changed for repeat performances.
•Only regular playing cards are used – no fake cards.
•All cards are left for examination at the finish.
•Everything is under the spectator’s full control.
•Perfect for walkabout and close-up work. Easy to do!

Comes complete with two sets of quality Bicycle playing cards, interchangeable jumbo cards & instructions.

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