Magic Spell - Mre

Magic Spell - Mre

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We have remade a fresh stock of our popular children's effect Magic Spell it is better than ever and yours by return of post!

Here is a super magic routine, direct from my own children’s Birthday Party Show. It is also the ideal way of giving the party child a special gift.

Three children have been assisting you in your show. You show a number of laminated picture cards, explaining that these are magic cards, which will decide on a gift for each child.

The cards are mixed, and then you spell the word M-A-G-I-C, (or any five-letter word) moving a card from top to bottom, for each letter.

The fifth card is turned over & shows the prize that the first child is to magically receive, Sweeties.

This is repeated for the second child, who magically receives a balloon model.

You decide to have a go yourself – but end up having to take “Nasty Medicine”.

The next child receives Chocolate as their reward. You have a second try for yourself – and yes, to the delight of the children you end up taking more of that “Nasty Medicine”.

Therefore, you discard the Nasty Medicine card and spell Magic for the birthday child, who receives a very special “Star Prize”.

Only one card is left for you – so you spell the word “Magic” and to the joy of the children, the result is a big (and nasty) surprise which leaves the children screaming with laughter at your misfortune!

Use your own sweeties, chocolate, balloon and prize. The Medicine is really coloured pop or a similar drink and we supply a suitable label to stick onto it.

Supplied with cards, labels & full routine. Now remade better than ever, get yours TODAY while present stocks last.

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