Botania with Plug-in Stems

Botania with Plug-in Stems

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We are really excited about this new model of this colourful applause-pulling effect!

You show an anodised metallic tube to be empty. A large seed (or a packet of seeds) can be placed inside.

The children pretend to water it with invisible watering cans or they can make raindrops by wiggling their fingers.

Next, they mime the sun shining down to “make the flowers grow”.

Finally, they shout a magic word. You lift the tube to reveal a colourful display of beautiful flowers, causing all the children to say “Ah” followed by enthusiastic applause!

Alternatively, you claim the seed only flowers every thousand years and tonight is the night.

Have two men (or young boys) from the audience dress up and do a weird comical flower growing dance – and then magically produce the bouquet.

Comes with realistic-looking cloth flowers with detachable, plug-in stems, spun aluminium tube (25.4cms, 10" high) & instructions.

Seen on sale elsewhere at £85.00. Limited supply.

Only £49.99

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