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A knock-out effect for your children’s shows! Based on the classic ‘stung’ effect but with an easy to follow routine and plot Stung! has a sting or two in its tail!

Three colourful A5 size (approximately 6" x 8") laminated cards each display a letter A, B and C, one letter to each card. All three go into a paper folder and you ask the children to watch very closely. The letter A is removed and the children are asked to name it they do so correctly. The letter C card is removed and the children name this also.

You ask, “Can anyone tell me what card is left inside the folder?” They will chorus back “B!”. But you claim that the letter B has now vanished – the children are suspicious and insist you show them inside the folder, after a little fun, you show that the letter B has disappeared – inside the folder is another type of B – a comical looking Bumble Bee.

The children are not satisfied and insist that you show the other side of the card – after the usual ‘turn it around’ gags you show the other side of the card to be a swarm of bees – everyone has been STUNG AGAIN!

Easy to do.

Comes with a fantastic set of colourful cards laminated for long life and instructions. Was £14.95.
Also available in Mini size Stung - see Mini Stung on our website.

Only £9.95

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