Rattlesnake Prediction

Rattlesnake Prediction

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Guaranteed to wake up any audience!

This is a fun trick to carry in your pocket and bring some laughter when working close-up, table-hopping or entertaining a small group of people.

You hand a coloured prediction envelope to a member of your audience for safekeeping as your prediction of what is to follow.

A playing card is now selected by an audience member and displayed for everyone to see.

The spectator opens the envelope and finds a folded card within which you claim is your prediction and you invite them to take it out and open it, however, when they do so they will jump a mile as a loud clattering noise like a rattlesnake is heard causing much surprise and laughter!

Needless to say, there is a duplicate of the chosen card inside the folder proving your magical powers to be correct as you quip, “Nobody sleeps during my prediction!” The playing card can easily be changed to another one that you prefer if you wish.

There is nothing frightening in the effect, just a good laughter item without anyone coming to any harm. Sold at a super low price, very easy to do - get yours now!

Comes with the special noise-making prediction folder, envelope & instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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