Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand

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A playing card or Tarot card is freely selected from any pack of cards (yes, even a borrowed pack) and then shuffled back into the deck from where you attempt to find it, but without success.

The incorrectly identified cards are placed in a row on the table and you say that you will need to refer to your script and then discover the card by sleight of hand. A small coloured hand is introduced and dropped onto any of the discarded cards.

A ‘script’ is also given to a spectator to read out aloud. The script instructs a second spectator where they should move the hand along the cards, eliminating them until only one card is left under the hand. It is the chosen card!

In an alternative presentation, spectators place several borrowed objects in any order and you write a prediction, which is left in full view. The hand is moved along the row of articles as per the ‘script’ and all but one are eliminated – it proves to be the very one that you have predicted!

Really easy to do and no memory work is required – it is all in the ready-to-use scripts, which are laminated for long life.

Comes with the miniature hand & scripts for both presentations. Use any cards or any borrowed items.

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