Restaurant Opener

Restaurant Opener

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The waiter has just finished taking the order at a table and much to the surprise of the patrons another waiter comes to take their order.

With notepad drawn this second waiter awaits their order. The patrons try to tell this second waiter that they have already ordered.

The ‘magic waiter’ (that’s you) explains that the order is not for food but their magic order and you proceed to change the notepad held in full view into a complete deck of cards right before their very eyes!

You can now use the pack for your usual routine of card effects, as the pack is perfectly normal in every way. Nuff Said Magic also include their excellent bonus effect –Maximum Colour Change.

Restaurant Opener is very easy-to-do and is a truly novel way to approach the diners at their tables. Limited supply.
(When ordering please specify red or blue backed cards).

Comes with the special gimmick that make the effect possible and instructions. You will need to supply a regular Poker 808 Bicycle brand pack of playing cards.

Only £11.99

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