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How would you like a spectator to be able to discover his own chosen card with any pack in his own hands and the pack thoroughly shuffled by him and never touched by you again?

This is exactly what you will be able to do once you have purchase Compute-A-Card.

*No card is forced – the participant can change his selection as often as they wish.
*You could easily work this over the telephone!
*Divide several packs of cards among several or all the members of the audience and they all end up discovering their own card in the most stunning and surprising manner.
*This effect is so self-working that you will completely amaze yourself!

Extremely entertaining effect, very easy-to-do. Ideal for cabaret, stage, close-up and walkabout. Be sure to get yours today!

Comes with a special Computer Card and full easy to understand instructions. Was £8.00 now

Only £6.99

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