Three Selected Cards Anywhere-Anytime

Three Selected Cards Anywhere-Anytime

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Once you know the simple secret of this amazing card effect you can perform absolute miracles – anywhere and at anytime with just a borrowed pack of playing cards.

Effect number one: Three cards are freely selected by audience members and then shuffled back into the pack. You claim that you have sensitive fingertips and will find the first spectator’s card. With the pack behind your back you reverse one card in the centre of the pack and bring the pack back into view.

The spectator names his card and you fan the cards to show this card is the only reversed card in the pack but then there is a truly big surprise finish when it is seen that you have successfully found the other two cards as well.

Effect number two: Using a borrowed business card or the joker from the pack you correctly locate two freely selected cards with the pack behind your back.

Effect number three: With the pack behind your back and using the blade of a small borrowed pocket knife, you correctly locate two freely selected cards.

If you work close-up for the general public you will find all three effects are ‘real killers’ and yet they are all easy-to-do!

Everything is properly explained in our manuscript. Use any pack of cards. Was £6.00 now

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