Ultimate Signed Card in Wallet

Ultimate Signed Card in Wallet

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Looking for the perfect-signed card in wallet effect? – Then look no further – this is it!

·Take out your small single-fold pocket wallet and snap a rubber band around it and then leave it in full view.
·A spectator freely chooses (no force) any playing card from any ordinary pack of cards and signs his name across its face. The chosen card is then mixed back inside the pack

·You remove the rubber band from around the wallet and a spectator snaps it around the pack, which he then holds.
·You open the wallet and remove a few banknotes – these are counted and in the middle of them is discovered a face down playing card which a spectator can take out for themselves.
·The spectator names his card and the card is turned face upwards – it is the very same freely chosen and marked card!

No force, extra cards, palming, sticky substances, magnets or slits ever used! Wallet, money and the pack of cards can all be examined, as they are completely normal, in fact you can even use your own.

We supply a nicely made wallet and a pack of cards so that you can perform this straight away but by all means use your own wallet or cards, as there is no faking of any properties involved.

Full, clear instructions supplied. Professional magic at its best! Suitable for close-up, cabaret or stage and very easy to do! Important: When our present stocks of this are gone the price will rise due to the wallets now costing more. Thank you

Only £15.00

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