Jumbo Backstage Monte

Jumbo Backstage Monte

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Devin Knight’s great stand-up effect in which you offer to teach the audience a simple card trick & at the finish the audience are no wiser and are also completely fooled!

You show a fan of three jumbo playing cards & the one to watch is the middle card, turning the fan around you show that you have stuck a sticker onto this card. When you remove this card it is seen to have changed to a totally different card.

Now you show the secret flap that is in most children’s magic sets and explain how it works. At the end of the explanation you declare that REAL magicians don’t need a special card flap to make the card change.

You blow on the card and it has instantly changed to a totally different one or alternatively to a duplicate of a card that you have had selected from your regular pack and have had difficulty finding earlier! It still has the sticker on its back and can be handed out for examination.

Even seasoned magicians will be surprised and delighted by this final unexpected change.

"The gimmicking is clever and the effect itself is easy to learn and perform and requires no complicated moves. The effect is based on a great idea...it packs a surprise and is a fooler." Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion. Was £14.95 now

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