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You show a pack of playing cards’ faces and backs, which are then thoroughly shuffled.

You take a blank card with a different coloured back and write a prediction boldly on its face with a marking pen which is then placed face down and left in full view at all times.

Twelve cards are removed and laid face upwards upon the table by an audience member, or fanned faces towards the audience. The participant eliminates six of the cards leaving just six face-up cards.

The participant now freely touches the face of any of these final six face-up cards and please note that they have a perfectly free selection –no force!

The freely selected card is now dropped on top of the card on which your prediction was written. The cards are now turned over and the name of the freely touched card is seen boldly written in indelible ink on the face of the lower blank card!

The pack can now be reassembled and is ready for you to perform some other miracle, as it is completely ordinary.

Comes with a regular Bicycle Poker sized pack, special fakes & instructions. Use your own black marker pen.

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