King Cards - Hardin

King Cards - Hardin

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First marketed by Hardin as Hardin’s King Cards it is said that Nat Leipzig thought so highly of this effect that he didn't want to perform it when other magicians were present in his audience!

Theo Annemann saw the trick and was thoroughly baffled. Later he spoke about it in The Jinx magazine, but today it seems forgotten on the magic scene.

You show twenty playing cards spreading them out to prove that none of the cards are duplicated and hand half of them to any spectator to hold tightly between his palms.

Spreading out the other ten cards you request three different spectators to each simply think of any of the cards.

Squaring up your cards and holding them between your palms you command the three selected cards to magically exchange places with cards tightly held by the first spectator.

Spreading your cards again and showing them freely to the spectators each of them agrees that their card has now flown the nest and all three are missing from your cards – they can be freely counted and there is no sign of the playing cards.

For the first time each of the spectators name their freely thought of card and up to this moment even you have no idea of the cards they have mentally selected.

The first spectator opens his palms and spreads out his cards, the three named cards are found among the cards he has been holding between his palms right from the very start!

No cards are added, only twenty cards are used. There is no palming or stealing cards in any way, can be done anywhere – anytime. Both back and front of the cards are shown. No pockets, half cards, sticky substances or false counts.

Comes with quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

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