Cross Over Cards - KDC

Cross Over Cards - KDC

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The great classic of magic! The magician counts off fifteen cards, but in a very suspicious manner! A member of the audience checks them and finds just fifteen cards.

Two of the cards are taken and shown, then pushed face up into the face down pack. The balance of thirteen cards is held tightly between a spectator’s hands.

Instantly and magically, the two cards vanish from the pack – there are no face-up cards! The spectator himself count the cards he holds – only to find, that the two cards have mysteriously joined the other thirteen in his hands! He now holds fifteen cards and you can show the faces of the two cards that have returned.

Only one pack of cards is used (which may be borrowed). Will require just a little handling practice but is relatively easy to do. It is both amusing and amazing, happening right under the spectators’ noses. De Courcy's booklet describes everything.

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