Liar's Logic - KdC

Liar's Logic - KdC

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How much would you pay for a first class trick that will give you a lifetime of service and you can perform anywhere - anytime and for repeat performances it is always a different presentation?

Well here we offer such a brilliant mental effect that can be worked anywhere you choose, close-up, cabaret, stage, TV and radio.

Consider this effect: Ken de Courcy requested two spectators to go to one corner of the room and quietly decide between themselves, who will be the Devil and who will be St. Peter.

Once they indicated that they had done this, Ken advised them that St. Peter must always tell the truth and the Devil must always lie. Ken now introduced a Lost Sole, a cut-out laminated fish. This was placed onto a convenient table where both volunteers could easily reach it.

Ken turned his back and asked one of them to slip the Lost Sole in his pocket. Ken explained that if desired, all this could take place out of the room.

Once the two spectators indicated they had complied with these instructions, Ken asked the following question of ONE of the participants, “Does the Devil have the Sole?”

At this performance, the participant answered “No”. Immediately Ken extended his hand to one of the volunteers and asked him to return the Sole from his pocket. The volunteer did so and to the complete astonishment of everyone present!

Ken left us all completely baffled, with a wonderful entertaining routine.

Eddie Burke has added several entertaining variations to Ken’s routine, including his own superb programme presentation: How To Spot a Liar!

You can even perform liar's Logic impromptu with borrowed items.

Comes with the Lost Sole & booklet.

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