Nothing-To-Do Match Trick

Nothing-To-Do Match Trick

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Here is an entertaining and baffling effect with two matches or two golf tees if you prefer, that works in a spectator’s own hands and the performer has virtually nothing to do except give directions and present it.

There are no sleights or awkward moves – the trick really does seem to work on its own – nothing could be easier to do than this!

What Ken is explaining here is the correct working of the effect, together with the patter that he uses for this entertaining enigma.

While not the world’s greatest mystery – nevertheless this will give you loads of fun and once you have read the illustrated instructions you will be able to perform it immediately – anywhere at anytime – just borrow two ordinary matches and away you go.

Comes with the Ken de Courcy booklet and at a price that makes it a real snip. No gimmicks or special apparatus is required whatsoever.

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