Blank Deck Mystery - Douglas Hood

Blank Deck Mystery - Douglas Hood

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A spectator is invited forwards and you show a single playing card prediction to the rest of the audience, which is not seen by the participant. The audience are amused to see that the prediction card is a blank.

The card is left back outwards in full view in your upper jacket pocket or some other handy place.

Next you show the deck from which the participant is to make his selection, again the audience are amused as every card in the deck is also blank. The blank faced deck is now shuffled.

Two elastic bands are snapped around the deck and after some fun style hypnotic passes the spectator is allowed to peek at a card anywhere in the deck and then call out the name of the card just glimpsed. To everyone surprise he calls out, shall we say, the “Three of diamonds” (cards vary). How can this possibly be? Was he hypnotised to visualise this card or is he just playing along?

You now show the card peeping out of your top pocket and YES that is the very card just named and the participant is now shown the deck for the first time to see the completely blank faces!

Blank Deck Mystery can either be presented as a semi-serious demonstration of the power of hypnosis or as a comedy effect. No sleights or special skill is required.

Comes with the specially made quality Bicycle deck & instructions.

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