53 0n 1 Effect

53 0n 1 Effect

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At last a brand new version of the 52 on 1 card in which your audience, in normal close-up conditions can easily and clearly see every card.

Your spectator thinks of a playing card and you bring out the 53 on 1 card as a gag, but then go on to reveal the thought of card by magic!

A brilliantly printed card that will give your audience a BIG laugh, this version also gives you the extra magical punch of revealing the spectator’s thought of card.

Simply slip it into your wallet and you have a powerful, impromptu and comical magic routine any time you need it.

This wonderful new and clever design includes the Joker making it a truly 53 on 1 playing card, covering every card in the deck.

A perfect fit for the standard Bicycle Poker size playing cards but one can use it with any pack in various ways!

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