Black Thirteen with Tarot Cards

Black Thirteen with Tarot Cards

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A really strange effect using just thirteen Tarot cards.

You show thirteen Tarot cards and they can be freely examined & shuffled by anyone. Two participants each select a different number & remember the card at this number in the shuffled packet.

The pack of thirteen Tarot cards is once again genuinely shuffled by a third spectator. The packet is now divided into halves and again the participants can shuffle each half packet to their hearts’ content.

You ask the two participants if they have ever played the game of Snap when they were children as they are about to have an uncanny experience along those lines right now.

Each takes a half packet of cards and simultaneously deals cards from the packet that they hold and when they see their chosen card they are to call out, “Snap!”

Both of the participants deal cards slowly as the tension mounts, they can even shuffle their packet after each card is dealt – suddenly BOTH of them call out “Snap!" as each confirms that their chosen cards have both been dealt AT THE SELF SAME MOMENT!

An incredible coincidence or is it mind control? Only you will know the answer!

In an alternative presentation – both participants have thought of the exact same card and this is the one that a third spectator has removed from the packet.

Comes complete with quality Tarot cards & instructions.

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