Multiplying Bottles (Martini) set of 8 & 2 Tubes, exclusive routines! - Odd Bin Item

Multiplying Bottles (Martini) set of 8 & 2 Tubes, exclusive routines! - Odd Bin Item

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View a video Please note the exclusive routines by Eddie Burke are NOT shown on the video.

1 in stock. Featured by both the inimitable Tommy Cooper and Ken Brooke this is the greatest finish to a comedy magic act EVER!

The set we offer comes complete with eight Martini style bottles and two tubes PLUS Eddie’s very own EXCLUSIVE comedy routines as worked successfully for many years in club and cabaret!

Eddie gives you TWO routines – one featuring the production of eight Bottles and using two Tubes – the other he developed to save weight when flying to engagements or for children's shows using only four Bottles & one Tube! Also supplied is an extra basic routine and instructions by Sam Delal.

You talk about one of the oldest tricks in magic, the “Bottle & Glass” trick using one bottle and one glass. Each of these is covered with a cylinder and following some comedy fun, magically changes places.

In fact, the bottle and glass repeatedly change places but something seems to go hilariously wrong – the trick getting funnier and funnier as bottles start to appear each time a cylinder is lifted – until the table is full of eight bottles (to the audience it appears there are many more).

The professional bottles that we supply are full size and made of quality spun aluminium complete with Martini labels, looking like genuine drinks bottles. The effect can be performed completely surrounded on a cabaret floor and even at close quarters in a lounge.

In the wonderful version we offer there are no steals or false moves to obtain any extra bottles – everything is self-contained and with a little rehearsal you can add it to your act immediately. You will soon find that the trick is hard to top bringing sustained laughter and applause from even the hardest of audiences making it possibly one of the funniest magical routine of all times!

Comes with instructions plus Eddie’s two hilarious routines for both four Bottles & one Tube and the eight Bottles & two Tubes. Tube colours may vary. 1 in stock.

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