Topsy Turvy Illusion

Topsy Turvy Illusion

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You can present this as a fascinating comedy stunt or as an interesting mini talk on the powers of perception – i.e “things are not always what they seem!”

You show a large picture of a horse on a single white card – the card is turned over and on the opposite side is seen a picture of a duck in flight.

The card is again turned over to show the first side where strange as it may seem the horse has now turned into a frog, “Well they are both jumpers” you comment, “but here is yet another jumper!” So saying you again turn the card over and the duck has changed to a picture of a cute white rabbit!

In an alternative presentation you show a large envelope with its end cut off from which the top of a large single card protrudes. You explain that this is a picture of an animal. You further claim that you will mentally project the name of this to a member of the audience.

The audience member selected is instructed to choose from a Horse, a Duck, a Frog or a Rabbit – they have a completely free choice. No matter which one they choose you remove the card to show a picture of the animal they have just named.

You now amaze everyone by going into the turning it around routine first explained, to show no matter which they had chosen you can cause the pictures to change like magic!

No flaps are used as the changes are all in the way that the double-sided printed and laminated pictures are displayed making this entirely self-working.

Comes with the special laminated A5 picture card plus instructions.

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