Carnival Ribbons

Carnival Ribbons

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Carnival Ribbons originated by Ian Adair in 1959 has become an all-round classic, the apparatus is self-contained and requires no body loads, Carnival Ribbons has become a firm favourite with both male & female performers alike, especialy those who feature doves or small animals.

A bunch of coloured ribbons swirled carnival style in the air are gathered together and shaken & then a live dove appears!

Alternatively, the colourful Ribbons can be magically produced from a piece of apparatus that you may already own and then, almost as an afterthought, a live dove mysteriously materialises from them.

Although originally designed for a dove, you could just as easily use them to produce a bottle of Champagne, a very large bundle of silks, or a bunch or two of Magicians' Spring Flowers! Easy to do.

Comes ready for you to use with Ian's own instructions. Use your own dove or other production item. Was £14.99

Only £7.49

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