Porky Pies

Porky Pies

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We proudly present an easy to do lie detector effect with a great comedy finish that you and your audiences will love.

A playing card is chosen by a spectator and you explain that you will find it using your special computerised Lie Detector Cards; a set of specially printed cards each with a comedy lie detecting robot pictured on it.

You explain that you will ask certain questions about his chosen card and the spectator may tell porky pies (lies) or tell the truth just as he prefers, whatever his answers the Lie Detector Cards will be programmed by you accordingly.

This process is duly carried out and you deal the Lie Detector Cards as you promised according to the answers you get, then eventually each is discarded until only one is left.

The spectator names his playing card and the final Lie Detector Card is turned over to show a picture of the very card named (the card can be changed for repeat performances) let’s say it is the Queen of Clubs.

You then explain that many people may suspect that all the Lie Detector Cards have the same picture on their back, and you admit they have and it’s YOU that has been telling porky pies.

So saying, all the other Lie Detector Cards are turned over to show they all have pictures of pork pies!

Comes with the special laminated Lie Detector Cards (approx 4 x 4.75”, 10 x 7cm) & instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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