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About Our Privacy Policy

Product ID: 3581

A summary of our Privacy Policy The key information detailed in our Privacy Policy is as follows: What information do we collect? We normally collect personal information e.g. name and address, email address and telephone number and other relevant...

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About Overseas Mail - Please read before ordering.

Product ID: 2175

ATTENTION OVERSEAS BUYERS: Since shipping costs are determined by both weight and size, it is impossible to know the shipping costs to your country until your parcel is made up and weighed. When you know what you wish to purchase, just CONTACT us at e...

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Cube Sum - Waiting for new stock

Product ID: 2930

View a video here Don't confuse this terrific trick with a low-cost version in which you peek at the dice: Cube Sum is awesome and can be performed with your back turned ALL the time. You sho...

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Free Postage & Packing - Information only - please don't click

Product ID: 2916

FREE 2nd class postage & packing in the UK is available on certain magic items which can be found listed under 'Categories' and also under every Category on this website; we also clearly tell you which they are on each of these individual items. Shoul...

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Houdini Chain Shackle Escape - Waiting for new stock

Product ID: 2610

This is a heavy-duty stainless steel prop, complete with two padlocks & keys. The performer can instantly escape from, or get into these shackles, comprising of a link with chains on both ends, which are padlocked around his wrists. Ideal to use i...

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Rope Wands - Black & White - Waiting for new stock

Product ID: 3157

The idea of Rope Wands has been around for many years, Magictrix introduced a close-up version some 50 years ago and these were manufactured for us by the late Wally Boyce. What we offer here is a full sized set of rope wands in black with white ends,...

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Silk Handkerchief 18 inches GRE EN- Waiting for new stock

Product ID: 2142

Made in China this quality 100% fine silk handkerchief is not to be confused with cheaper so-called 'silks' offered elsewhere that are half silk and half rayon. This 100% silk will add colour, excitement and glamour to your performances and will be m...

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Super Prediction - Triple Climax - First batch sold out

Product ID: 3583

Sorry the first batch has been sold out - hope to have more by the end of June See it performed on facebook by clicking here: View a video here You show a colourful board with large numbers from on...

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