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3Sixty by Wayne Dobson -Sale item

Product ID: 3045

View a video here View a video here Only £29.25

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About Overseas Mail - Please read before ordering.

Product ID: 2175

ATTENTION OVERSEAS BUYERS: Since shipping costs are determined by both weight and size, it is impossible to know the shipping costs to your country until your parcel is made up and weighed. When you know what you wish to purchase, just CONTACT us at e...

Only £0.00

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Backstage Vanishing Elephant -Sale item

Product ID: 2065

The picture tells the story of this fabulous effect that will find instant appeal in both your children and adults’ shows. Two wooden plaques are shown and placed upright on a tray that has a heavy drape at its front and sides. A colourful wooden...

Only £39.99

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Cinderella Goes To School - Odd Bin Item -Sale

Product ID: 949

1 only left. Based on Billy Day's popular 'Dirty Bertie' this has all the elements of a great children's effect that will be popular with girls as well as boys. Only a single box and plaque are used throughout this brings about three different colour...

Only £33.51

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Clever Card Magic 2-DVD Set - Sale item

Product ID: 941

A professional entertainer for many years, Paul Hallas captivates his audience with a wide array of mind - boggling card magic. From cloned cards to drawing a perfect royal flush, you won't find card magic like this anywhere else! Watch Paul Hallas...

Only £17.50

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Prediction Dice - Sale - Price reduced

Product ID: 3011

View a video here A wooden box is opened to show that inside it there are six compartments and each contain a die. The dice are arranged in numerical order from 1...

Only £23.19

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Priceless (Gimmick & Online Instructions) - Sale - Price reduced

Product ID: 3278

View a video here From the minds of Michel Huot & Richard Sanders comes a comedy mentalism breakthrough. Any price named is instantly seen hanging on a price tag a...

Only £37.49

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