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Perfect Mental Key

Product ID: 3491

A heavy padlock with five keys is introduced and your spectator finds that only one of them will open the lock. The padlock is now isolated in a glass tumbler held by a member of the audience (no switch of the lock). The five keys are dropped by a s...

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Hats & Rabbits

Product ID: 3490

Here is a superb effect that is ideal for close-up and table hopping. Both you and a spectator take a few picture cards.and you each freely choose one and swap these over with each other. Amazingly you have both taken a matching rabbit picture!...

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Funky Faces

Product ID: 3489

View a video here Based on our close-up effect Potty Spots (see the video) this is a larger more visual version using laminated pictures instead of playing cards and suitable to perform for all ages. A sup...

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The Psychological Reading

Product ID: 3487

A fascinating psychic-style reading originally published by Nelson Enterprises USA. The Psychological Reading can be given to any lady or gentleman that requests your services and is based upon the events which happen in most people's lives, but can ea...

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It's Magic Bag Blendo

Product ID: 3485

View more here This marvellous Bag would make a startling opening effect to your new show. You display four large silks coloured black, white, red and yellow and an e...

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Royal Flush - Jumbo

Product ID: 3484

You fan out five jumbo sized playing cards four of which are tens and the other is the Joker. You turn the Ten of Spades face down and remove the Joker and then close the fan. A magic word and all the cards are now faces down. Now you push the Joke...

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