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The Lady Vanishes - Mr E

Product ID: 3852

You are going to love this super simple way of vanishing a Lady! You display a number of A5 jumbo sized cards, four of which are Jokers and one Queen of Hearts. They are mixed together and fanned out to show just four Jokers; the full face of each Jok...

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Mental Epic Envelopes

Product ID: 3851

Now you can perform the famous Mental Epic trick without a heavy slate or suspicious looking props, using just three envelopes, a few sheets of paper & a marker pen. Pointing to a spectator in the audience you ask them to think of a favourite pet they...

Only £17.99

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The Sad Clown

Product ID: 3850

If you are looking for a routine that brings audience participation, laughter & applause suitable for audiences aged between 5 years & 95 years then look no further you’ve found it. I have carried this in my show bag for 35 years knowing that it would...

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Amazing Rope Loops

Product ID: 3849

One of the neatest easy to do rope effects ever! You show three lengths of rope each one marked at both ends with different coloured tape. The ends of each rope are tied together in tight knots making three clearly different loops. You toss all...

Only £7.99

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Monte Monkey

Product ID: 3848

A picture of a Banana is shown and slipped inside a window envelope where the back of the card can be seen at all times and you ask the children to keep an eye on it. Three further pictures are shown to be your playful pet Monte the Monkey, and two Trees...

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Cockeyed Prediction

Product ID: 3847

Tricks that seem to go wrong at the outset and turn out to be successful after all, are always popular and you certainly cannot go wrong when you perform Cockeyed Prediction. Carry it in your pocket and it is always ready to fool them! Placing your p...

Only £6.99

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