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Cereal Killer - Jumbo Size

Product ID: 3728

Cereal Killer is made in two card sizes so that you may choose either Close-up or Jumbo for your table-hopping and stand-up performances, always ready to perform. Telling the story of Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho (1960) where motel guests could...

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Crazy Flying Saucer Compass

Product ID: 3727

A magical classic with an even better routine, the perfect ending for the ever-popular Crazy Compass trick which most of the top magicians & entertainers have featured over the years like Tommy Cooper, Ken Brookes, Milbourne Christopher & Tony King to nam...

Only £12.99

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Crazy Car Registrations

Product ID: 3726

We have all seen them and some of us even have one – those crazy car registration plates such as H16H 5! Showing a large A4 size laminated picture of a comical-looking red car, you explain that you cannot yet drive it on the roads as you need to have...

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Adair's Z-Ray Detector

Product ID: 3725

Magical originator Ian Adair has based this brand new comedy effect on an old 'Supreme Magic' item called X-Ray Scope. He's added a tried and tested visual gag, and extra features. It's a comedy card revelation. A spectator selects a playing card fro...

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Happy Birthday Cake ... and a Merry Christmas!

Product ID: 3724

A fun audience-participation effect for children’s birthday & Christmas parties! You show two A4 size laminated pictures, one of a large attractive Birthday Cake and the other a bunch of colourful Balloons, during the course of the routine the two pi...

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Animal Farm - GIANT size

Product ID: 3723

One of the best children’s effects ever & long off the magical market, this super, updated version based on Edwin’s Farmyard Frolics makes it a must-have for today’s magical entertainer. You introduce your ‘Animal Farm’ showing pictures of th...

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