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Find 007 Bond

Product ID: 3752

James Bond is missing, where in the world can he be? It is the task of Miss Moneypenny to find him but villain Auric Goldfinger is on his trail too! You show several jumbo-sized laminated picture cards each with a colourful flag of different nations p...

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Comedy Giant Rat

Product ID: 3751

This crinkling stuffed giant rat, or mouse if you prefer, will bring screams, laughter & amusement no matter if you are entertaining children or adults. With his soft grey fur and long suede-look tail, he will appear to be alive when he scampers up you...

Only £8.99

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Santa is Overweight

Product ID: 3750

You show a picture card of an overweight Santa Claus who has been eating too many mince pies, chocolate bars and other food and is now far too fat to get down chimneys, though windows and keyholes in time to deliver all the lovely Christmas presents. Som...

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BMS Vanished Banknote to Envelope

Product ID: 3749

This clever entertaining effect has been in my repertoire for over 70 years! You show an envelope to be empty, you seal it and have a spectator sign their name across the envelope and then sit upon it. A note is borrowed from a member of your audien...

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Product ID: 3748

A stunning stand-up effect with jumbo A5 sized ESP cards, perfect for cabaret, club, parlour, stage & TV as you don’t need a table and your spectator can remain seated. Great as an opener! You display five blue-backed jumbo cards each with a differen...

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Telematic Deck

Product ID: 3747

An excellent fake pack of playing cards with many exciting possible applications. Use it for forcing a card or for an ambitious card routine. The entire deck can be handled and shuffled by a spectator, without any fear of detection. It can be shown to...

Only £15.00

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