Making Easy Money

Making Easy Money

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We originally stocked this item for our USA customers as the wallets supplied were to small for UK banknotes, however with the new plastic UK £5.00 and £10.00 notes will fit into them making this excellent effect ideal for UK shows.

Short of money? Then make your own by magic – at least that’s what you can appear to do with this clever trick!

You display six empty wallets and offer to show the audience a quick way to make some easy money. You show or borrow a USA dollar bill (or use any currency, business cards, photographs or what have you) and slip it into one of the wallets.

You now rub the wallet against the other five wallets one by one and magically banknotes appear in the other five!

You give the borrowed note back to the spectator and remove the other five banknotes for yourself – thanking him for helping you to make some easy money by the traditional way of using “other people’s money to become rich!”

We supply the six examinable wallets together with some USA dollar play paper money, plus full instructions – but we suggest that you use real money in your actual performances.

Most countries have a banknote of a suitable size (in the UK the new plastic money is ideal if you trim the £10.00 not ever so slightly), or you can use the play money for your demonstration – explaining that this is a prototype and just as soon as you can do it with real banknotes you will become rich!

Making Easy Money is very simple to do requiring just a couple of tries to get the handling right.

This is also a sure-fire way or producing your business cards, autograph or suitable signed photographs to give away to your audience members - a great publicity aid!

Six wallets and six dollar size play banknotes plus full instructions for a fabulous effect – no wonder they call us the value for money dealers!

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