Mr & Mrs Paper Clip

Mr & Mrs Paper Clip

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You show two large paper clips, one White represents Miss White and the other Green that represents Mr Green.

During the story that follows Mr Green meets Miss White and they fall in love at first sight so they decide to get married and suddenly they are Mr & Mrs Green – the white paper clip changes to a green one as if by magic.

The new Mrs Green is rather shy on her wedding night and pulls the sheets right up to her chin but she has lost her inhibitions by morning and they become truly married.

As your enchanting story unfolds the two separate paper clips become magically linked together and there is even more fun and magic at the finish, when your story ends with Mr & Mrs Green and all the little Greens – as three small size paper clips magically appear between the two larger ones!

Please don’t confuse this with Ken de Courcy’s Link Lip –which is another wonderful routine with paper clips but they are both totally different to each other.

Mr & Mrs Paper Clip is a beautifully routined effect.

Comes complete with all the coloured paper clips (colours may vary) & instructions.

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