ESP Preternatural

ESP Preternatural

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This is one of the most convincing discoveries of a merely thought of selected ESP card EVER! Only five cards are used and these are completely unfaked and in no special order!

You show five ESP style cards consisting of a Circle, Cross, Three Wavy Lines, Square and Star. These five cards can be in any order and the effect does NOT depend on the usual mnemonic.

Any spectator mixes the cards and then they are fanned out before their own eyes so that you cannot see the order. The spectator then mentally selects just one card – and please note; she never mentions the name of the mentally selected card until the very end of the effect.

The cards are then mixed yet again and the faces of the cards are fanned towards the spectator so that you only see the back of each card – and NO the cards are not marked in any way.

With the backs of the cards towards you, you run your hand over the top of the fan of five – without touching the cards. Suddenly you remove just one card – it proves to be the very card that the spectator is merely thinking of!

The effect can immediately be repeated – in fact, this is one trick that becomes even more baffling each time you perform it. And remember:

*It’s a free mental choice of any design.
*No forcing or manipulation of her free choice.
*Until the card is revealed at the finish the performer has no knowledge of the ESP design chosen.
*No reflectors, marked cards or special fakes used.
*No Muscle reading or similar is involved.
*Works perfectly every time and is easy to do!

Comes with five regular size ESP & instructions.

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