Costume Capers

Costume Capers

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Here is a new mental style magic effect working on a different principle that is exceptionally clean cut, direct and colourful. You show a large picture of a young woman in a bathing costume. The picture is in a cut-out frame depicting a beach with a bathing towel hanging over a clothesline.

The towel just covers the woman’s bathing suit leaving the rest of the picture visible at all times.

A gentleman from the audience is given a free choice of the colours Yellow, Green, Red or Blue; there is no force. Let us suppose he chooses the colour Green but he really does have a free choice.

The large picture is now pulled up and out of the frame at all times facing the audience, there is no possibility of a switch of pictures and it is pulled out almost completely so that the young woman’s costume is fully visible.

The lady is attired in the same colour costume that the gentleman has freely selected – GREEN!

Remember, the entire picture is in full view all the time except for the costume, which is hidden behind the towel, and neither the picture nor the frame is switched. The secret mechanics of Costume Capers will allow you to produce the young woman in the costume in any colour that the gentleman chooses.

The manuscript supplied details presentation variations including a judge at a beauty contest and another concerning four sisters.

Costume Capers is easy to perform with just a little handling practice to get use to the working principle.

Comes complete and ready for you to work, an ingenious trick that packs flat, plays BIG and where the magic is colourful, strong and direct.

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