3-2-1 No Knot Rope Trick

3-2-1 No Knot Rope Trick

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Good rope tricks are very popular with audiences and magicians alike.

They take up very little room in your performance bag; but are easily seen even on large stages.

Watch your audiences jaws drop open as you perform this very visual effect.

Three pieces of rope are shown and counted from hand to hand 1 – 2 – 3.

The ropes are now each formed into three loops and you patter about “looping the loop” as you hold these in one hand.

Suddenly you shake out the three loops and instantly you are seen to be holding just one long piece of rope!

The rope can now be displayed and tugged between your hands to demonstrate that it is just one long length of rope.

A startling magic effect that you can perform at any point in your act – no pulls or sleeve work.

You can also perform the famous Professor’s Nightmare effect with an amazing and different finish using this marvellous set of ropes.

You show three ropes of different lengths – short, medium and long.

Suddenly all three ropes magically change to the same equal lengths and are counted from hand to hand.

The three ropes are now gathered up into three loops and when shaken out they have formed into just one long length of rope – astounding visual magic!

This is the perfect rope effect in that no replacements are ever needed – it resets in a moment and is very easy to do

Requiring just one or two tries to get the timing right.

Good quality ropes are supplied together with first-rate patter. Highly recommended!

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