New Devil's Handkerchief

New Devil's Handkerchief

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This new and improved version of the famous Devil's Handkerchief makes many more amazing effects possible.

The old style Devil's Handkerchief was used mainly to vanish small articles dropped inside it and the articles had to be fairly lightweight otherwise a drag could be seen on the handkerchief after the article had supposed to have vanished.

Enter the NEW Devil's Handkerchief - a superb accessory and not just a trick - it can be used in similar ways to a change bag but is a lot less suspicious looking to a modern audience being just a simple cloth that can be freely shown on both sides.

The NEW Devil's Handkerchief will still vanish small articles like the old but will not sag or drag if say you have just vanished a pack of cards. Furthermore it can be used to produce articles and to change one object for another.

Imagine folding up the four corners to make a bag and then collecting a few folded papers in it upon which the audience have drawn pictures. The papers are dropped into a glass bowl (really secretly exchanged for papers all with the same drawing that you prepared earlier).

Anyone chooses a paper from the bowl and goes to the back of the room where they open the paper and concentrate on the picture. You read their mind and correctly reveal the chosen picture.

The cloth is reformed into a bag and the other papers dropped inside - this is carried into the audience and the papers dropped onto a table where they can now be examined (having been secretly exchanged for the originals once more)leaving no clue to the mystery!

There are many other ways of using this incredible prop and we give you a further six, but you will soon be thinking up many more of your own.

Comes with the beautifully made NEW style Devil's Handkerchief & instructions.

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