Prediction Change Frame

Prediction Change Frame

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You display a jumbo playing card in a frame with a cut-out front and a hole right through the middle. We will presume this card is the Queen of Hearts.

The card is removed from the frame, shown clearly front and back, while the audience can see right through the frame making it impossible for an extra card to be concealed in the frame.

This card is now replaced in the frame back towards audience. You claim this is a prediction of a card a spectator will select.

Spectator now selects a card from a deck, but it is not the Queen of Hearts which the performer has shown as his prediction. It is, let's say, the Three of Clubs. You appear to be stumped.

However, all's well that ends well. A magic pass is made over the frame and the jumbo card removed. It is now the Three of Clubs!

The jumbo card can be casually tossed out for examination, it is just an ordinary single card; no flaps, no sliding or moving parts, no gimmicks. And the frame is seen clearly empty with the cut-out front and the hole right through the middle.

The apparatus supplied comprises of a frame with a cut-out front and a hole in the middle, the specially prepared jumbo picture or court card & instructions.

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