Compatibility Test - Mr E

Compatibility Test - Mr E

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If you do personal readings or table magic or even if not but you would like to include these popular items in your performances - then this is a MUST item that we highly recommend!

What couple can resist your test of compatibility when you are performing in a restaurant around the tables? Just about every couple wishes to know how well suited they are and you can now offer them a special ‘test’ that will provide the answer. This is also ideal as your climax when you are giving double readings to couples.

You give your special set of compatibility cards to one spouse or partner and have them freely select any one, sight unseen.

Introduce your compatibility coloured glass stones in the shape of a Heart, Half Moon, Square and Star and have the other spouse place them into any order. From this order you are able to give a reading that is bound to impress.

Finally have the second spouse select any one of the special coloured glass stones and when you compare this with the freely selected card the first spouse selected they will both gasp with total amazement at the incredible telepathic results they have achieved!

·The results are different every time and under your full control.
·Your ability to give readings will be a great advantage when presenting this item but is not essential.
·100% entertainment value is guaranteed!

Supplied complete with the special ‘reading stones’ compatibility cards & full instructions all ready for you to perform. Easy to do!

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