Colour Personality - Mr E

Colour Personality - Mr E

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Based on our popular item Flower Power, Colour Personality is a disarmingly simple and direct close-up prediction effect that packs a powerful punch with its instant audience appeal.

Four different small, coloured mini plaques are shown – perhaps they consist of Red, Green, Yellow and Orange – they make an effective display when laid out in a row on your table or close-up mat.

Any spectator from your audience is asked to try and read your mind and please note that there is no pre-show work or similar involved.

You explain that you are concentrating on one of the different coloured plaques and you wish them to receive your thoughts – they choose a plaque from which you can give a short reading based on their choice of colour should you so wish.

Finally then you show your prediction and it is the very colour that the spectator has chosen!

Everything used is in full view right from the start of the trick – and no, it’s not the old stunt of having four different predictions in four different places – Colour Personality is a truly professional mental presentation at its very best!

You can use Colour Personality at any point in your act as you are not restricted in any way. Perform it anywhere, anytime, dead easy to do!

If you perform close-up magic or psychic readings for the general public either professionally or part-time or are planning to do so, then you cannot afford not to obtain this stunning effect especially at the low price we are charging.

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