Flower Power

Flower Power

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Flower Power is a disarmingly simple and direct prediction effect that packs a powerful punch with its instant audience appeal, which is seldom matched by other more expensive items.

You can use real flowers which later can be given to ladies in your audience, or you can use the colourful everlasting artificial flowers that we supply.

Four different attractive flowers are shown perhaps they consist of a Pink Rose, a Purple Violet, a Yellow Daffodil and a Cream coloured Snowdrop – they make an effective display and are especially appreciated by the women in your audience.

Any lady from your audience is asked to try and read your mind and please note that there is no pre-show work or similar involved.

You explain that you are concentrating on one of the different coloured flowers and you wish her to receive your thoughts – she chooses a flower and then you show your prediction; it is the very flower that the lady has chosen!

Everything used is held in full view in your hands right from the start of the effect – and no, it’s not the old stunt of having four different predictions in four different places – Flower Power is a truly professional mental presentation at its very best!

Use it as an opener to your show and you will catch your audience’s full attention and endear you to them straight away – the appeal is immediate. However you can use it at any point in your act as you are not restricted in any way.

Perform it anywhere, anytime especially perfect for St. Valentine's Day, Mothering Sunday or ladies' birthdays. Very easy to do!

Comes with four flowers, wrapping paper, small label & instructions.

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