Sym-Bri Mental

Sym-Bri Mental

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"I have to say that 'Sym-Bri Mental' is, indeed, brilliant. I love it." Peter Duffie

The name I have given to this effect stands for Symbols & Brilliant and that is just what this is; a truly brilliant effect with symbols! Based on an effective card trick by that prolific magical inventor Stewart James that I have extended and adapted to large symbol cards to produce a devastating mental effect that once you have performed you will never wish to leave out of your programme.

You show eight jumbo size laminated cards each of which has a different symbol on one side; symbols like a square, circle, triangle etc. All the symbols are completely different and none are duplicated. No extra symbols or cards are used.

The symbols are freely shown and then genuinely shuffled and mixed before being slipped into a small empty and audience examined envelope. There is no switch of either the symbols or the envelope.

You now turn your back to the proceedings that follow and can even stand at the opposite side of the room. The spectator freely reaches inside the envelope and takes out any one of the symbols – changing their mind if they so wish, they really do have a free choice of any one, no kind of force is used. The envelope containing the other symbols is closed and laid to one side – you don’t touch it again.

The participant remembers the symbol they have freely chosen turns it face down and then hides it between the palms of their own hands – nothing could appear to be fairer. Taking an ordinary pad and felt tipped pen you draw something on the top sheet – close up the cover and pass it to another spectator to hold – you don’t handle it again.

The first participant now names the symbol and shows it around – let’s say they have chosen the Star but remember they have a completely free choice. The second participant opens the front of the pad and it is seen that you have correctly drawn the Star – a miracle effect!

We supply the symbol cards and envelope together with full instructions for this stunner! Use your own pad and pen.

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