Zodiac Escape

Zodiac Escape

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Everyone knows their Zodiac sign and are especially interested and intrigued when you can perform an effect that uses their own personal sign.

You show a stack of cards each with a separate sign of the Zodiac boldly printed upon it and hanging from a cord. An audience member looks through these and secretly selects her own sign – showing it to one or two of her friends after which it is mixed in with the other eleven signs.

All the Zodiac signs are now hung back on the cord through a small hole in one end of each card.

The participant holds the cards loosely between her hands, with both ends of the cord hanging out. Taking these two ends, you simply pull the stack out still hanging from the cord – except for one card that is left behind between the participant’s hands, having ‘penetrated’ the cord.

It is her freely selected Zodiac card that she again shows around! They will soon be telling everyone about your clever and amazing magic. Word of mouth publicity is the very best kind!

Totally baffling – but very easy to do!

We supply the twelve large Zodiac cards that make an attractive display; each one is laminated for long life. Zodiac Escape can also be performed with playing cards, Tarot cards and even children’s picture cards.

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