Encyclopaedia of Sponge Ball Magic DVD - Odd Bin

Encyclopaedia of Sponge Ball Magic DVD - Odd Bin

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Become a sponge ball master! This 2 1/2 hour collection of sponge ball moves and routines is undoubtedly your best learning resource!

This comprehensive DVD comes complete with a set of four quality 2-inch soft Sponge Balls so you can get started right away!

DVD Contents:
*Some Basic Moves
*The Jacket Lapel Move
*Let's Have Some Elbow Room
*The Mayfair Mountebank versions 1 & 2
*Under the Jacket Move
*'Garcia' Master Move
*The 'Clipped'
*The One, Two, Three
*Now You See It, Now You Don't
*Two to Nothing
*Quick Vanish!
*The Roll Down Animated Vanish
*The Pretended Place
*The 'Toss'
*'Squeeze' Vanish
*The 'Pretended Take'
*Nip & Tuck No Skill
*The 'Impossible Challenge'
*'Back Palm'
*Mike Tannen's 'Fork' Move & 'In' Move
*Up to My Neck in Sponges

*The Magic '10' Count 4 Plus
*Frank Garcia's Magic '10' Count
*The Slow Motion Transposition
& Impromptu
*Derek Dingle's Undercover Move
*Spur of the Moment
*Short & Sweet
*The Slick & lots more!

BONUS Material! *Classic Palm *Roll Down Vanish *Pen Cap Production *Two-Finger Vanish *Thumb Palm Vanish variations 1 & 2 *Pinch Production *The Spring Production.

This jam-packed DVD is simply not to be missed!

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