Zip It Purse - Odd Bin

Zip It Purse - Odd Bin

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The hip zip way to vanish any small item! Show a little purse to be empty and tuck a small silk inside. Close the zip and give the purse directly to a spectator to hold.

Later when the purse is unzipped...unzipped...unzipped it changes into a long 95cm zip and there is no sign of the silk! Use Zip It to vanish other items as well like ribbons, coins, torn pieces a playing card and so on – you will find many uses for Zip It in all your shows.

Can also be used the opposite way around – show a long zip and zip it together to form a small purse from where you can produce the missing card, coin, silk or what have you.

Pop a small red silk into Zip It and it changes into a green one or use it for a torn & restored paper, playing card or similar effect. In fact anything you could perform with a thumb tip you can do so much better with Zip It!

You can even unzip the purse and discover a missing card, silk etc hanging on the end of the Zip. It makes a terrific Miser’s Purse gag as you hunt for a coin or sponge ball to do a trick! You will find many uses for this versatile Zip It purse – use your own gimmicks.

Just pull the zip and watch your Zip It purse take shape. Zip It can be unzipped again & again, it’s even machine washable! Colour may vary from illustration.

Comes with the Zip It purse approx. 11cm x 6.5cm when made up into a purse and unzips out to approx. 95cm in length & instructions for several magical uses and effects.

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