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Using magical effects to illustrate stories of the Bible probably goes back centuries but quite recently the idea has grown in popularity and is now being presented by several Christian and Jewish entertainers with great success.

No Bible story lends itself better to this treatment than the account of “Creation Week” (see Genesis 1:1-2:3) which narrative consists of divine commands executed over six days, followed by a seventh day of rest.

Several blank cards are shown and laid out on the table and as the Creation Story is told pictures mysteriously appear one by one on the cards – for example “Let there be light!” magically produces a colourful picture of the Sun shining brightly to light up the barren earth!

In all SEVEN pictures are magically produced upon the blank cards as this divine story of God’s Creation is told.

The cards are a small jumbo size for easy handling and have been laminated for long life and will last you for years. The methods used are easy-to-do requiring only a little handling practice on your part.

This is a very popular effect with Sunday school teachers, religious leaders and others, yet the cards take up very little room in your pocket or bag. Creation resets in a moment and so is ideal for table magic situations and the like.

Supplied complete with all the cards and ready to work including an enchanting version of the Creation Story.

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