Itsy Bitsy Card

Itsy Bitsy Card

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Here is a wonderful way of revealing a freely chosen playing card and with a terrific applause-pulling climax!
Even young children will understand the plot and enjoy helping you to find the freely chosen card yet it is oh so very easy to do.

A playing card is chosen (no force) and mixed in with several other cards from the pack.

Using a children’s nursery rhyme you magically reveal the chosen card – but there is a double-whammy to the trick that fits perfectly into the plot, which we are not going to reveal here – considering the small price we charge for this effect you will soon find it becomes a big favourite and one of the very best low cost investments you have ever made.

Furthermore, there is a neat and inspiring message each time you present this little gem of a miracle. You will LOVE IT and so will your audiences!

We also give you an alternative way of working the effect with a packet of just a few cards that would fit into your wallet.

Comes with a few extra special cards that you will need to perform the routine & instructions. Use your own Bicycle cards.

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